How to decorate a fireplace in an apartment

An apartment in a high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. Living room. Sofa, Meridiani; coffee table, Tacchini; on it is a vase from the gallery “Circulation 1/1”; above him is a lamp, Vibia; on the left is a custom-made console according to the designer's sketches.

In contrast, the decoration of the fireplace in the interior of a St. Petersburg apartment according to project by Daria Mayer is built: the designer immersed the living room in deep dark blue, and enclosed a real fireplace in white marble. It is marble that is one of the most popular materials for fireplace decoration, with it even simple forms acquire a sublime classic look. For example, in an apartment for newlyweds, Olga Solnyshkova did not began to overload and without that a room full of details with bas-reliefs with monograms on the fireplace and settled on a more concise version. And all the same for the expense of marble finishing and composition of space in in general, such a fireplace looks quite traditional.

Apartment in St. Petersburg. Fireplace area. Fireplace, "Exclusive style", shelving made in the workshop "More style!"; vases, Gunga Ceramics; painting by Vyacheslav Mikhailov.

Apartment for newlyweds in Moscow, 70 m². Fireplace portal, Unizaro; racks are made to order; painting by Adele Levitova; carpet, Jerome Botanic; vintage armchairs and coffee table from Repeat Story store; side table designed by Mikhail Stepanov. Kravet curtains were made by Nelly Kattsyna.

Designer Ekaterina Yakovenko took a different path. In the apartment for her customer, Catherine organized a marble fireplace portal with a noticeable "architecture" of France of the 19th century. Antique fireplace tags keep the spirit of the era alive. “I consider a fireplace to be an indispensable element, it creates an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and makes the interior lively,” says Yakovenko. “Even if it's decorative, the imitation should be realistic: a cast-iron firebox, firewood and real accessories.”

Feminine apartment in Moscow, 76 m². Fragment of the living room. Fireplace portal and tagans - all France, XIX century; on the portal a lifetime copy of the sculpture by Demeter Chiparus from the BersoAntik salon; showcase, Christopher Guy; inside a service from the House of Porcelain; TV mirror, Burg & Glass.

But you can get a fireplace without history and watch how it is going on in eyes: designer Aya Lisova invited her client to make a portal from sandstone - over time, this natural stone absorbs soot into pores and nobly. They also decided to add years to the chimney: the copper sheets were specially kept in a solution to achieve the characteristic "rusty" stains.

Apartment designed by Aya Lisova in the center of Moscow. Fireplace area in the living room.

Black square

In minimalist interiors, matching minimalist fireplaces are more common. But any such nondescript "black square" at first glance can become a work of art. The fireplace in a three-level apartment according to project by Elena Ivannikova and Sergey Tuletskov is worth a closer look: burnt oak boards are hidden behind the dark paint of the cladding. And here designers do not hide the air ducts steel - only transparent glass covers steel pipes.

Three-level apartment for an artist in Moscow. Sculptural decor by Denis Milovanov. Larch planks and lint-free carpets on the floor, IKEA. Pendant lights, tables and upholstered furniture are custom made.

A dark, simple design is also suitable for those who do not want to attract undue attention to the fireplace in the fireplace, if, for example, it is located in the walk-through area, as in the interior of a two-level apartment from the tandem Krause, or if the hearth is displaced, as in the apartment on Taganka according to the project of Natalia Maslova. And you can decorate the area with the help of art.

Duplex apartment in Moscow, 84 m². Kitchen view. Bar stools, Gärsnäs. Fireplace portal made of granite, Artishock; a metal insert in front of the fireplace and a firebox to the right of it, made of blued metal. Luminaires, Delta Light. Massive plank on the floor, "Golden Forest". Photo above the fireplace by Kirill Ovchinnikov.

Apartment on Taganka designed by Natalia Maslova. Living room. Sofa and armchair, Minotti; small tables, Baxter; in the center is a coffee table, Vitra; chandelier, Apparatus; curtains, Rubelli; carpet, Zoë Luyendijk Studio; walls painted with Paint & Paper Library; Above the fireplace is a painting by Dirk Saltz.

stand at attention

Instead of a standard fireplace in a city apartment, you can put a stove, as Oleg Klodt did in his apartment. “The first thought was to make a fireplace in the corner, on the axis from the front door, but I didn want to have an ordinary corner fireplace, which is oriented the whole living room, - says the architect. The concept of Italian holidays was changed: just in the process of renovation, the Klodt family went to the Alps, where in a local restaurant they found a similar freestanding oven - everyone agreed that this was what they needed. In addition to functionality, such a stove also has neat legs and window doors that create an elegant look.

Oleg Klodt's apartment in Moscow. Kitchen, Eggersmann. Above a bespoke island with a German ceramic top is a lamp, Vibia. Hiro the dog is resting on the aged oak floor.

Air structures of freestanding stoves do not burden the interior and at the same time sometimes even hide minor imperfections in space. This happened with the interior, on which the architects of MK-Interio worked: Maria Makhonina and Alexandra Kazakovtseva placed a fireplace right in front of the massive load-bearing column in the center of the room, partially disguising it. And designer Maria Panchenko with decorated the corner of the living room - without this part of the room would look frankly empty.

Apartment overlooking the Gulf of Finland in Repino, 215 m². Living room. Fireplace, Focus. Sofa, Edra; coffee tables and shelving, Alivar; lamps, Delta Light. On the rack are handmade ceramics, DavCeramics; vases, Guaxs, from the Subjects store; dark blue vase, Guaxs, MK Luxury Space.

Brutal apartment in St. Petersburg, 127 m². Living room. Sofa and glass coffee table, Baxter; marble table, Poliform; black stool, Frama; chandelier and table lamp, Flos; bio fireplace, Deco Flame.

Another interesting version of the fireplace can be seen in the interior according to the project by Julianna Nikulina. Despite the size, this huge futuristic lump, as they say, fit into the space as best as possible, repeating the shape of sofas and armchairs from Ligne Roset.

Apartment in the center of Moscow designed by Julianna Nikulina. Living room. Sofa, armchairs and coffee tables, all Ligne Roset; carpets, Dovlet House.

Behind glass

A more modest solution for the interior will be a biofireplace. Yes, you won't be able to look at the crackle of firewood, but you can still be enchanted by the dance of flame. Due to the fact that biofireplaces are usually quite compact and inconspicuous, most often they are located under the TV zone.

Apartment in “mixed” style in Kaliningrad, designed by Marina Kutuzova. Fragment of the living room. Armchair, Poliform; coffee table, Rimadesio.

Apartment in a new Moscow building, 240 m². Sofa, Baxter; carpet, Tapis Rouge Atelier; table and brass arch, Dordi; decor and coffee table, Savour Design; all built-in furniture and panels are made according to the architect's sketches at; armchair, B&B Italia; marble portal for the fireplace,; biofireplace, Flambis.

Apartment in the City designed by Tatiana Bobyleva, PROforma bureau. Fragment of the living room. Panels, portal, doors, wardrobe - everything was made according to the author's sketches in the carpentry workshop of Pavel Medvedsky. Paint, Manders; lighting, Delta Light; ceiling light, floor lamp, Foscarini, private collection salon. Sofa, Saba Italia; armchair, Zanotta; tables, Horm; supplier, Altodesign; carpet, New Rug; TV The Frame, Samsung; biofireplace, Bioart; electrical products, Jung. Textiles, workshop of Elena Klimenko.

The ease of installation of the biofireplace allows you to install it in anywhere in the room, and not only in the wall. The NIDO interiors team took advantage of this when planning the interior of a Moscow apartment for a very rational customer. The removed island of the biofireplace divides the sofa and dining areas, so that it can be seen from any point in space. And here the customer of Nadezhda and Georgy Ananiev took a special corner of the living room for the fireplace. And there is no TV - so that nothing distracts from the pacifying fire.

Rational apartment in Moscow designed by NIDO interiors, 211 m². View from the kitchen to the common area. Hanging cabinet above the fireplace and cabinet behind the TV - Quinton joinery. The base of the biofireplace is made of granite. Above the fireplace by Vlad Loktev from the Balance & Freedom series.

Apartment with art in Moscow, designed by Nadezhda and Georgy Ananiev. Fireplace area. A decorative partition and a built-in wardrobe with a fireplace are made to order according to the sketches of Georgy Ananyev; armchairs designed by Joe Ponti, Molteni & C; floor lamp, France, 1950s, Maison Arlus; sconce on the back wall, Italy, 1960s, Stilnovo.