This bright family home in Russia plays with poignant neutrals

Designed by architect Maxim Astakhov and designer Ekaterina Yakovenko, this bright family home is an spatial interpretation of a discussion of forms, materials and interiors that centres on a neutral palette that espouses luxe appeal.

Drawing from the world

The project began with a discussion of forms, materials and interior filling. The main wishes of the customer were to ensure that the emphasis in the interior was made on simple shapes, but with a large variety of details made of natural materials: wood, marble, onyx, granite and quartzite, leather, metal and glass. The homeowner often travels around the world on business trips, as well as on family vacations, and always stays in the best hotels in the world, he also has his own small hotel business, all of which has had a definite influence on the style of the interior.

Laying out the plans

The planning solutions of the house were created taking into account all the rules of zoning of premises, different zones are located separately, according to their functionality. The cottage has a total area of 1,325 sq m, additional barbecue areas and various terraces around the house occupy another 200 sq m.

The house has a common area of kitchen, dining room, fireplace zone and living room, four sleeping blocks with their own dressing rooms and bathrooms, two guest rooms, rooms for staff and drivers, a spa area with a hammam and sauna, overflow pool, cold font, recreation areas, a common entrance dressing room, storerooms and utility rooms, a room-salon for cosmetic and massage treatments, utility and service rooms, including a kitchen for invited chefs, laundry room, wine and cold-freezer.

Crafting hotel aesthetics

The interior turned out to be quite saturated with decorative elements from various natural materials, such a modern interpretation of the Art Deco style. The color scheme is sustained, the walls are decorated with wooden panels with inserts of stone, leather and mirrors. The decor in some places resembles the interior of a yacht or the lobby of an expensive hotel, which served as the starting point for creating the interior.

A plethora of finishes

The interior uses sixteen different types of marble, two types of quartzite, onyx and granite, agate panels, as well as large-format Italian porcelain stoneware. The parquet and veneered details are made of American walnut. Decorative panels for walls and ceilings are covered with genuine leather and nubuck. Finishing works in the house were carried out at the highest level, using our own developments, complex and expensive technologies and high-tech professional tools.


The house has integrated automation of most engineering systems, built on KNX technology, which allowed, through software and hardware, to combine and unify the control process for various systems and devices in the house. Its main part is the climate system, which allows, when setting the necessary temperature and humidity indicators, to maintain the climate in the main rooms of the house in a fully automatic mode.

The color scheme

The choice of colors was determined by the tone of American walnut, which has become a decorative dominant in the decoration of floors, furniture and walls. All other interior details, such as natural stone, granite, leather and tinted glass and metal, were selected in a similar color scheme, which determined the overall appearance and mood of the interior.

The furniture in the house was selected based on the task of zoning specific premises. All cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as elements of carpentry decor and chandeliers were made to order and designed in a given color scheme. Various types of leather and nubuck, natural marble, American walnut, metal and glass, including crystal elements were used in the manufacture of furniture and chandeliers.

Maximizing vist

The design was built on the fact that the windows of all the main rooms opened the most beautiful views and neighboring houses remained on the sidelines. To solve this problem, several architectural volumes were combined into a single structure, the entire plot was terraced and a through arch was introduced into the house project, connecting different volumes and organizing a passage from the outer courtyard to the inner one. Also, the main volume of the house was turned 20 degrees relative to the axis of the plot, for more beautiful views of the lake adjacent to the plot.

In order to saturate the interior with additional colors in the evening and to emphasize the natural beauty of natural materials, various lighting scenarios have been thought out in the house, including through illumination of some types of marble, agate, onyx and quartzite.

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