A 320 m2 Moscow House with A Bespoke Quartzite Fireplace

Located in Moscow, A 320 m2 Moscow House with A Bespoke Quartzite Fireplace is a residential project designed by interior designer Ekaterina Yakovenko.

This 320-square-meter house belongs to a dynamic and driven young woman who thrives on an active lifestyle. When not immersed in her professional endeavors, she enjoys frequent travel, golf, and a fast-paced lifestyle. Her decision to reside outside of the bustling city was motivated by a yearning to be surrounded by nature and have her favorite sport conveniently accessible.


At the start, this tri-level residence was a blank slate, offering ample room for meticulous floor planning. The homeowner had a vision of a grand entranceway that would reveal a picturesque inner courtyard upon stepping inside. To achieve this, the designer designed the dining space right before the open terrace and seamlessly integrated the living area with the kitchen.

Spread across the second and third floors are four distinct units, each boasting a bedroom complete with a dressing area and attached bathroom. This configuration was specifically crafted to accommodate the homeowner’s frequent family gatherings, which often included her mother, sister, and daughter.

Interior Mood and Color Scheme

The design concept was influenced by three key requests from the client: dynamic lines, beauty in details, and texture play in light reflection. The interior mood mirrors the client’s lifestyle and personal tastes. The color palette was inspired by her favorite shades, including various tones of blue and turquoise, as well as darker bronze hues. It was decided that the kitchen would be adorned in a metallic bronze finish, while the furniture would showcase a mix of blues and turquoise to create a visually captivating interior.

Decorative Tricks

The rooms and staircase were transformed with an awesome lighting arrangement, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the stage before a theatrical performance. The living room’s fireplace, crafted from a rare quartzite instead of the typical marble, became a captivating focal point. Its natural pattern evokes the imagery of monochromatic clouds or mountains painted on a canvas.

Adding to the allure, the walls and doors feature decorative pearl accents within paneling and gypsum layouts. The staircase is further adorned with wrought iron railings, artfully shaped to resemble undulating waves.

Furniture and Finishing Material

The furniture selection for this project leaned towards contemporary styles. This included a Modulnova kitchen, a comfortable seating setup by B&B Italia, and an exquisite dining set from Ceppi Style. Alongside these were custom-made pieces inspired by the designer’s design concepts such as a book and decor arrangement near the fireplace, bespoke dining room portals, crystal chandeliers in the living room and kitchen, and the fireplace itself. Adding to the allure of the living room is a designer coffee table by Christopher Guy, bringing a distinct aesthetic to the room. We also came across a painting that perfectly captured the mood of the interior, accentuating its unique character.

For the designer, each project is a journey filled with the appreciation of beauty. The creation of unique aesthetics is the essence of beauty achieved through this process. Behind it lies immense time and effort, and for me, time is a priceless resource, only to be spent on true beauty.

The project details:

Living room
 Sofa and armchairs by B&B Italia

Dining area
 Dining set by Ceppi Style
 Coffee table by Christopher Guy
 Custom-made crystal chandelier from the Czech Republic
 Kitchen by Modulnova
 Marble finish by Silver Roots
 Carpet by Silk
 Lighting by Penta
 TV inside the mirror by Teleart
 Chest of drawers by Cattelan Italia

Green bathroom 1st floor by Cielo
 Faucet for the bathrooms by Graff

 Pouffe by Baker
 Console and mirror by Cattelan Italia
 Mirror between 1st and 2nd floors by Baker

Second floor

Master bedroom
 Bed, comodino, bedside tables by Bizzotto
 Shelves for books by de castelli
 Lighting by Aysan

Master bathroom
 Bathtub, toilet, bidet, sink by Cielo

Guest room 1
 Bed and night tables by Capital Collection
 Bookshelf by Cattelan Italia
 Armchair by Capital Collection